Perfectly Imperfect: Zellige Tile is the Beautiful Trend You Need in Your Redesign

One of our favorite design trends that stands the test of time is zellige, a handcrafted clay tile that originates from Morocco. Known for their variations in color, tone, shine, flatness and depth of glazing, zellige tiles are a beautiful and timeless addition to any remodeling project. Trained artisans make the tiles by hand-pressing unrefined, natural clay into molds before drying it in the sun. The raw tiles are then fired in a kiln to create "biscuits," called Bejmat, which are glazed in a variety of colors before a second firing that sets the enamel. Once the tiles have been glazed, they can be cut into varied shapes and sizes.

Though zellige tiles are traditionally made with clay, today they are also available in porcelain, glass and terracotta. The colors and finish options are almost endless, making these tiles a perfect feature in any bathroom or kitchen design. They can be used as stand-alone pieces or mixed together to create beautiful mosaic patterns on walls and floors.

Check out this gorgeous gallery to get inspiration for ways to incorporate this timeless trend into your next remodeling project.

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