Unique and Stylish Tile and Grout Trends for the Kitchen and Bath - Part Two

Grout Trends: Metals, Glitter, and Unusual Spacing

Many designers might tell you that for lasting beauty in your home design, you should stick to classics and avoid passing fads. Well, we’re here to tell you that what you love is always beautiful! If you happen to fall head over heels for the newest trend, there are endless ways to incorporate the trend into your own personal style so that it brings you joy for years to come.

The color and design of your grout can enhance and complement the tile itself, and add a great deal to your entire project aesthetic. The only real limit to what you can do with a good quality grout is your creativity!

Metallic grout paired with marble tile is a chameleon combination. You can achieve 100s of unique looks by pairing with different tile colors and shapes.

Brass inlay balances notably well with a white marble subway tile.

These sheets of small hexagonal tile come with built-in brass inlay.

Inlay strips create an elegant transition between different flooring materials.

Turn lemons into lemonade by filling age-old cracks and crevices in vintage tile with gold leaf.

The detail of the same gold grout ‘repair work’ proves that this idea is brilliant.

Gold glitter grout provides a backdrop to showcase white tile such as these petal shaped mosaic pieces while still remaining an impressive element of the design.

Silver glitter in dark grout adds a sparkle without overpowering these smooth understated pebble tiles.

The pattern of this silver glitter grout is a feature itself, but also highlights (through shadowed curves and angles) the beautiful depth of the glass arabesque tile.

Wide vertical grout joints, staggered in layout, provide a fresh, updated application to jazz up a basic square tile.

An extra fine gray grout line is unobtrusive; it provides a supporting backdrop which allows the unique kite tile to take center stage.

The thick-thin application of grout here is as much a feature as is the vertical layout of the matte rectangular tile.

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