Unique and Stylish Tile and Grout Trends for the Kitchen and Bath - Part Three

It has been said that for beauty, one should stick to classics and avoid passing fads. Well, we’re here to tell you that what is beautiful is what you love. If you happen to fall head over heels for the newest trend, there are endless ways to incorporate the trend into your own personal style so that it brings you joy for years to come.

Subway Tiles: Timeless and Classic but Used in Surprising Ways

Sometimes the simplest things are the most important. One of our most basic go-tos is a subway tile. While it may not sound exciting, these rectangular tiles make a big impact. We love that we can adapt these tiles to any space or look. The simplicity of the lines coupled with timeless style, make them the perfect backdrop for kitchens and bathrooms alike.

Subway tiles have been a classic choice for decades. The neutral white finish and 3×6 size complement a wide variety of aesthetic designs. However, tile designers are taking the classic up a notch. Instead of only coming in one size and pattern, subway tiles are now more often seen in various sizes, different colors, and even offer decorator touches, such as beveled, domed, or arched edges. And when you pair simple tiles with a contrasting grout, your space is sure to make a statement.

Check out these unique ways of using the classic subway tile.

Just as a horizontal layout creates the illusion that a space looks longer, a vertical layout tricks the eye into seeing more height in a space.

Size matters in subway tile. These classic white tiles have a big impact due to their larger-than-average dimensions.

If you prefer a classic size and tile layout, a colored subway tile can lend your bathroom design a fresh and custom look.

Yet another way that the humble subway tile is versatile is in how it can be arranged. A ceramic subway tile laid in a herringbone pattern is a timeless design.

In an otherwise minimal space, a crosshatch approach to the subway tile layout can make a room feel fresh.

Another layout option for the classic subway tile size is stacked instead of staggered. A straight set pattern is more modern and works well in almost any setting.

Tiles featuring beveled edges give your design depth. For an unexpected twist, use a tile with an inverted bevel.

For more cool tile and grout trends, check out part one or part two of this series. And stay tuned for parts three and four!

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