Unique and Stylish Tile and Grout Trends for the Kitchen and Bath - Part One

Many designers might tell you that for lasting beauty in your home design, you should stick to classics and avoid passing fads. Well, we’re here to tell you that what you love is always beautiful! If you happen to fall head over heels for the newest trend, there are endless ways to incorporate the trend into your own personal style so that it brings you joy for years to come.

Colored grout is one of the easiest ways to make an impact in your kitchen or bathroom design. Check out these gorgeous and unique examples to get inspired for your next remodel!

Yellow grout with blue tile can be metro or retro

This color combo, without photographic evidence, sounds garish and distasteful. But somehow, this color combination just WORKS.

blue tile yellow grout bathroom

An accent wall of soft blue tile with yellow grout gives this bathroom space a romantic quality.

Yellow grout blue tile retro bathroom

Blue and yellow make another appearance in this dainty but dapper half bath with serious antique appeal.

Blue grout can add a special touch to white and light… or bold and bright!

Blue grout offers a dizzying range of possibilities. You can find grout in many hues of beautiful blues, and each shade gives a different feel in various settings. Here we will look at two different ways to use a light blue grout.

blue grout white tile kitchen

This soothing shade of periwinkle has a French country-chic quality. The blue grout gives a quirky spin to the classic charm of the hexagonal tiles.

light blue grout dark blue tile bathroom

Another subdued blue grout, here paired with vivid blue tiles and coordinated seamlessly with the paint color, is the perfect touch to round out a personalized bohemian style.\

Red and orange can be clean and sleek… or country chic

This color palette is a bold choice, but warm colors are so much more versatile than you might think. They can jazz up a sleek space with a pop of color, or they can take a muted backseat in a more traditional setting.

red grout white tile bathroom

When striking is the plan, you can’t go wrong with geometric tiles and red grout.

Orange grout kitchen

A simple all-white kitchen space is brought to life with orange grout which highlights the tile pattern.

Black grout can be unforeseen... or classic clean.

Grey grout is ubiquitous now, but blackest-black is still a bold choice. It can complement a fun color choice, or it can dress up a more traditional design choice.

black grout turquoise tile

Rich turquoise tiles with blackest-black grout create an eye-catching look that highlights gold fixtures.

black grout white marble tile bathroom

Black grout adds fantastic contrast and drama to marble basketweave floor tiles. It makes the overall look much more dynamic.

Bold and colorful, or classic and sleek?

Which color combinations do you get inspired by when you think of your dream kitchen?

In part two of our series on tile and grout, we'll be discussing metallic and glittery grouts, and unusual tile spacing. Check back soon!

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