Unique and Stylish Tile and Grout Trends for the Kitchen and Bath - Part Four

It has been said that for beauty, one should stick to classics and avoid passing fads. Well, we’re here to tell you that what is beautiful is what you love. If you happen to fall head over heels for the newest trend, there are endless ways to incorporate the trend into your own personal style so that it brings you joy for years to come.

Penny Tiles: Versatile and Unique

The penny-tile, a small round tile, is a simple but versatile element. They have a classic, graphic aesthetic that can remain neutral yet punches quite an impact into the space.

Check out these clever ways of using penny tiles.

The unexpected shape of the penny round tile offers more visual interest than your typical smooth, porcelain square.

One way to use this small tile for big impact is with sheer number. Since it is suited for every surface, floor to ceiling, you can find plenty of opportunity. This bathroom provides a large canvas, but use of this tile for walls, shower, and ceiling, packs a visual punch.

A tonal grout pairing really elevates the modest penny tile and gives it a more modern, sleek look.

Penny tiles in a niche is a great look, and it can be maximized by continued use of the same tile for other accents or on the shower floor. Even more interest can be injected through an unconventional installation of a green tile wrapped around a niche corner before it switches to blue.

Confetti colored tile packs a bold punch in a kitchen or bar backsplash.

Need Some Direction for Your Design?

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