Why We Love Shaker Style Cabinets in the Kitchen

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Shaker style kitchen cabinetry is a style of kitchen units that feature a flat-center panel and square edges. These are often symmetrical cabinets with minimal detailing. With a shake kitchen you can expect clean lines with little to no decoration, highlighting practical design and craftmanship.

It has been a classic popular favorite because of its understated elegance.

A Brief History of Shaker Cabinets The Shakers, officially known as The United Society of Believers in Christ’s Second Appearance, was a religious sect founded in England in 1783. This group fled to America after experiencing persecution. Shakers crafters followed the principle that beauty rests in utility and avoided unnecessary decoration that they believed was too self-indulgent.

This focus on practicality allowed Shakers to invent things we still use up to today: the spring-loaded clothes peg, peg rail, and the flat-faced broom.The

Traditionally, Shaker kitchens were made from best but least expensive wood available–usually fruit tree or pine. This resulted in the light-wood look. Modern-day Shaker cabinet kitchen designs can incorporate mixed new material and almost any wood type.

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Why Shaker Cabinets Fit Right into Any Kitchen

1. Versatility Shaker cabinets fit themselves to so many decorating styles. They can be retained, remodeled and added to any kitchen style and fit right in.

2. Classic and Enduring A homeowner’s taste changes and evolves through the years. Most likely, your cabinetry preferences will change too. However the shaker style of cabinetry can be a great canvas for different looks. Paint it in a different color, match with a different countertop, lighting, and you have a new kitchen that somehow looks different but have saved you a whole lot of money by replacing the entire thing!

3. Perfect for Any Part of the House Another reason shaker cabinets are popular is because they look great in other areas of the house, such as laundry rooms and bathrooms.

A Gallery of Shaker Cabinets in Modern, Contemporary, and Traditional Settings

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