Inexpensive Ways to Upgrade Your Kitchen

Does your kitchen need a revamp? Itching to get a kitchen remodel done just don’t have the money to do it? You are not alone. According to an article, the average kitchen remodel costs a staggering $21,751 — and high-end ones average nearly $50,909. That’s less than encouraging news.

Here is the good news though. You don’t need to shell out big money to update your kitchen. You can create a functional and inviting kitchen your family can enjoy without spending a lot of money.

We have some inexpensive tips on how to upgrade your kitchen below.

1. Hang Artwork on Your Kitchen Walls. It’s not a usual place to display art but if it’s the busiest area of the house and the common place where family gathers, it’s time to decorate the space! Depending on your kitchen’s style, add pictures, paintings, landscapes - name it! - to blank wall spaces around your kitchen. Take a look at it when cooking and cleaning around the kitchen becomes tiring!

2. Switch your lighting fixtures. Or hang a new light. Lighting makes a huge difference. Whether you hang a new pendant light or install undercabinet lighting to your pantry cabinets, you will be surprised how your kitchen will transform.

3. Bring new color to the space. Don’t limit yourself to just repainting your cabinets. You can incorporate color into your home through appliances, an accent wall, a reading nook, or even a kitchen backsplash! Play with something colorful and fun to liven up the space.

4. Expand storage. Maximize your kitchen space by installing open shelves, exploring hidden storages, or better yet, make that storage shelves work for you and design it! Chances are you are also in need of some decluttering, so do it first. You will realize all the space you will have after - then work around it!

5. Stick to on splurge. Whether you install new waterfall kitchen counter, a new sink, a new appliance, or furniture - stick to only one. This way you can indulge a little without breaking the bank.

6. Go with a trend. Whether it’s minimalism or the farmhouse trend, little accents or key elements can do the trick. For example, if you are enamored with the farmhouse design trend, try adding chicken wire to upper cabinets for a rustic touch that also allows collections to shine.

7. Add some plants. Plants make everything better. For a kitchen, we recommend hearty options like Aloe Vera plants, Spider plants, and English Ivy. You’re being eco-friendly too!

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