10 Gorgeous freestanding bathtubs you can really get into

In modern and contemporary homes, the bathroom has become an important part and it is given plenty more attention than before. Bathrooms do not need to purely functional, especially if you are someone who retreats to the bathroom for some quiet and private time, for bubble baths and vanity. Aside from renovating the bathroom with tile patterns that will make you feel you are in another location (getaway, anyone?), there are freestanding bathtubs that will make you feel you are in movies and are great to get into after a long day.

Freestanding tubs are the preferred choice of most homeowners because of aesthetic reasons.

  • They don’t have to be placed against walls unlike bathtubs.

  • They lend a modern and vintage feel to the bathroom at the same time.

  • They also offer more design freedom because they can positioned anywhere in the room.

Since they can be positioned anywhere, they are perfect for large bathrooms. It can be a focal point in your bathroom, adding an air of your personality with the style you chose it to be. The best tubs usually serve as the statement piece in the bath with some clever interior designing.

We have got some ideas (10 of them) to make your bathroom transform into serious bathroom #goals with the freestanding bathtub.

Whether you have the space to make a statement with an impressive freestanding bathtub or an elegant clawfoot tub, or you’re looking for space-saving style with an alcove tub, these ideas will help you choose the best bathtub for your bathroom.

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