4 Ways to create a welcoming entrance for your home

Did you know that most people make their first impressions of a home within 3.5 seconds of walking into it? What do you think is the first impression your home gives?

You only get to have one chance to make a good first impression so it’s important, very much like your house exterior or porch, that you entryway is welcoming, reflects your personal (and house’s) style, and just gives off a happy and comfortable vibe as soon as a guest walks in the front door.

Entryways set the tone for the rest of your home. And don’t fret. Even if your home doesn’t have a formal entry or foyer, there are plenty of way to create a welcoming entry in your home that is both beautiful and organized.

Tips on Keeping Your Entryway Welcoming and Organized

1. Make the transition smooth from the outside of your home to the inside.

So start with your front door, or porch, if you have one. A bare front entrance gives off an uninviting vibe and you wouldn’t want your guests to feel unwelcome. You don’t have to overdecorate. You can try using a simple bench or better yet, a container garden as a statement on how you feel about your home and your visitors.

2. Brighten the space.

The easiest way to brighten an entryway and welcome guests into your home is with a decorative mirror. They not only give the illusion of enlarging the space but they also reflect beauty and magnify the light both during the day and at night. Consider buying a mirror that has a frame that can be a piece of artwork.

If you would prefer to have an artwork like a painting instead of a mirror, make sure it is illuminated with an overhead light or table lamps. Warm lights are more welcoming. If you want, make your walls a warm color like the 2019 Pantone color of the year, living coral.

3. Get the scale right.

If you have a big foyer, a tiny console table will not do the trick. The same way a entryway that isn’t really defined within a home cannot be decorated with a lot of stuff otherwise it will look cluttered.

Symmetry and balance within your entryway is a design technique that will allow your home to feel orderly yet sophisticated and homey, depending on the accents and colors you decide to use. Take some cues from this gorgeous example, and update your entrance with a symmetrical aesthetic.

4. Remember functionality.

You’d need to have an entryway that is neat, organized and have room for all the things we normally take off when we get home: shoes, bags, jackets, and keys.

In short, provide a place for things to land. A dresser, chest or console table with drawers will help you keep the entryway from becoming cluttered when you need to put down mail, keys or gloves.

Don’t forget to save and allocate space for shoes! Shoes bring in mud, dirt, dust and grime. Consider a ready or custom-made shelf that will house enough shoes for you and your family, keeping the space clutter free and clean. Welcome Your Guests with Sincere Warmth You might have the loveliest home and most welcoming and impressive entryway but it is your warmth and presence that really draws your houses guests and make them feel comfortable.

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