5 Clever examples of hidden storage areas for the kitchen

Two trends in kitchen design in 2019 are minimalism and green design (eco-friendly living).

At the heart of these two design trends is functional storage space. Bonus points if those spaces are in areas that are hidden, clever, and blends well with the kitchen’s overall design theme.

Kitchen are very hard to keep organized. Without having the right storage system, everything can easily pile up. That’s why it not surprising that one of the kitchen trends in 2016 rated storage as an essential when building kitchens.

We have come up with five incredibly clever examples of hidden storage areas in the kitchen. You might find it cool or even adapt it to your own space as well.

Smart organisation systems that make use of under-utilised areas are the best ways to make hidden storage!

1. Kitchen Storage and Pullout Pantry A custom pullout pantry creates extra storage space in any kitchen. Drawers and cabinets help stow away other essentials while keeping them close at hand without taking too much space.

Pullout systems are a better solution for narrow wall units or if cupboards are not recommended for low-ceiling spaces. The vertical design uses every last inch of available space, and allows you to find and retrieve pantry items quickly and with ease.

pullout pantry

2. Island Bookshelf Keep your cookbooks neat and tidy with hidden shelving at the end of your kitchen island.

island bookshelf

3. Under-counter storage Another way to maximize your kitchen island is to have accessories that you can attach below it that will provide extra storage space but won’t add bulk to the area.

under counter storage

Example: This island, which has an in-built bread bin and utensil holders that sit just below the bench for easy access.

4. Under-bench Storage If you have a casual dining nook with bench seating in your kitchen area, maximize the space by adding drawers below the seats. They’ll provide a good space to store items that you need every once in a while but not on a day-to-day basis such as good dinner sets and servers.

under bench storage

5. Concealed coffee station If small appliances (such as a coffee maker!) take up too much space on your countertops, here is an idea: refit a small cupboard with a pullout base and use it as a slide-out coffee counter. Store your machine inside, along with cups, beans or pods and sugar to complete the set-up. Voila!

hidden coffee station

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