Minimalism:  Our Five Favorite Ways to Rock the 2019 Design Trend in Your Kitchen

Less is more.

This slow and quiet trend has been increasingly popular and gaining momentum these days, with Marie Kondo coming out with her own TV series and minimalism being a way of life. It has trickled down to design ideas and house design concepts, all the way to kitchen.

The kitchen has always been considered a busy space at home and incorporating the minimalism design trend can be a challenge. However, we support the idea of those that want their kitchens to be more open and clean as possible.

We have come up with our five favorite ways to apply this design trend in your kitchen.



There is a gravitation towards clean (and concealed) kitchen designs. Maximized, clever and hidden storage solutions is the answer.



One of the trends we are seeing is replacing kitchen upper cabinets with open shelving, inspired by hotel and retail spaces.



Say goodbye to bulky appliances. Ranges and hoods are now slim and turn on automatically. Induction cookers are going to be a steady favorite because of its seamless integration with kitchen tops. Interior designers says that the new face of luxury is seamless kitchen designs, with integrated appliances.



Open spaces everywhere. That’s a design concept we have been seeing a lot these days. To discourage clutter, everything is out in the open. This results in open spaces and air flowing. Natural light is also encouraged.


Modular designs (again, clean and simple lines) are preferred. Furniture that can be used in all areas of the house and are multi-functional are preferred.

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