7 Examples of droolworthy pendant lights in the kitchen

Lighting is a surefire way to make a huge difference in your kitchen. You don’t need to do a huge remodel if you want to update your cooking area and can’t spend too much money. Switching kitchen lights and adding pendant lights over your countertops, kitchen island, or dining table will make your kitchen look brand new.

Here’s a tip: For areas that receive more traffic in your home, like your kitchen, consider adding details that define your taste, personality, or something that you're passionate about.

Whether you want to make your kitchen more homey or glamorous, choosing the right lighting fixtures will help achieve the look you are aiming for. There are numerous ideas online, however, we have come up with our own seven looks. These range from classic to glamorous with a bit of eclectic and modern looks thrown in.

Take a look at our choices and tell us what you think!

7 Pendant Lighting Fixtures for Your Kitchen

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