16 Stunning Waterfall Kitchen Counters to Inspire Your Next Kitchen Remodel

Waterfall countertops are the hottest trend in kitchen design these days, and for good reason. Form and function come together in this trend to create a clean, modern, and timeless look for your kitchen. Though the cost is slightly more than traditional kitchen countertops, you can expect a 100% or higher return on your investment when it's time to sell.

Waterfall Kitchen Counters Look Great in Any Material

Whether it's marble, quartz, granite, concrete, or wood, this is a look we just can't get enough of. Get inspired by this gorgeous collection of waterfall countertop examples, some of our favorite ways to incorporate this unique feature into your kitchen.

wood waterfall kitchen island countertop

If you love the warm tones of wood in your kitchen, try a butcher block kitchen counter. Wrapping it down the side of the island in a waterfall treatment adds that extra bit of drama.

Here, the wood countertop is a raised extension that creates a bar seating area, with a wraparound corner. Unique, functional, and beautiful!

The marble in this kitchen island is mirrored in the backsplash and marries perfectly with the gray in the cabinets for a sleek and sophisticated kitchen design.

In this all-white kitchen design, an added scrolling detail at the side of the waterfall island creates an extra luxurious touch.

This island is a stunning example of the type of effect that can be achieved when the edges of the wood are matched, carrying the beautiful, contrasting wood grain down the side of the waterfall feature.

We love how the striped quartz composite countertops mirror the colors in the tile backsplash, creating a cohesive and beautiful modern kitchen.

Kitchen islands don't get any more unique than this standout. Slices of petrified wood have been expertly pieced together to create this one-of-a-kind waterfall countertop focal point.

In this example, stained concrete in earth tones creates a striking pattern in the waterfall countertop seating area.

The subtle marbling in this large island is the perfect sophisticated accent to this modern, bright kitchen design.

We love the darker tones in this stained concrete island seating area. The kitchen design is modern and sleek without being cold or stark. Here, the staining pattern wraps diagonally around the corner of the waterfall feature to mimic a natural stone veining.

For fans of industrial kitchen design, this is a perfect example of how a wood waterfall countertop can add more warmth into the seating area of your kitchen. It's a perfect contrast to the stainless appliances.

Striking veining in this marble kitchen island seating area complements the black cabinetry.

White composite quartz is perfect in this modern, light and airy kitchen design. The waterfall effect looks seamless and the island houses the kitchen sink and dishwasher.

We are totally charmed by this unique live edge wood waterfall countertop design. In this example the waterfall feature stops several inches short of the floor, showing off the natural edging of the wood and creating a peekaboo effect that exposes the white cabinetry beneath.

Concrete is one of the most versatile materials being used in kitchen design nowadays. This gorgeous island contrasts the black and white tiled pattern against the rough concrete countertops for a truly standout design feature.

If you love the luxury of marble but want something a little different, try black marble! In this example the practical matte finish gives this kitchen island an ultra-modern look and feel.

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