Seven Hot Kitchen Backsplash Design Trends to Inspire You


No great kitchen design is complete without a gorgeous backsplash. Now considered an critical part of any kitchen remodel, aside from its function of protecting walls above your worktops, your backsplash plays a key role in the aesthetic design of your kitchen. A great backsplash works to complement (or contrast with) the colors and textures of your cabinets and countertops, tying the whole kitchen design together.

Backsplash design has come a long way in recent years, and homeowners enjoy experimenting with material, pattern and finish. Whether your style is funky and modern, or you prefer a more traditional look, the backsplash is the perfect area of your new kitchen to add a personal and unique touch.

Not sure what will look best and match your style? Take a look at these kitchen backsplash design trends for some inspiration!



Marble is a classic and timeless material, and it will add a sleek, modern look with a touch of old-world charm. No matter the shape or pattern of tile you choose—long, narrow, hex, subway or any other pattern—marble will look great. Partner it with metallic touches such as brass or copper, and you get a glamorous, modern kitchen.




Under-cabinet lighting is a great way to accent your beautiful backsplash, and has become omnipresent in kitchen designs in the last several years. Pin lights, most often used in kitchen shelves, are a great way to provide task lighting while accenting and illuminating your backsplash. For added flair, direct the lights to create striking geometric patterns.

Black and Bold


Black blends with every color combination, making it a timeless choice for your backsplash design. A bold choice, it’s perfect to create contrast and draw the eye in your kitchen design—you can never go wrong with black.

Add interesting touches to your black backsplash by using tile designs in various shapes and sizes to add pattern and texture to your design.


A rising design trend for the kitchen backsplash is mirrored or metallic finishes like stainless steel. Fans of industrial design elements will love the look and feel of reflective stainless finishes in the kitchen, which are highly functional, modern, and make a strong statement. The tiles come in a wide variety of sizes and shapes.

Light plays a big role in this modern backsplash design. Lots of natural light during the day, coupled with under-cabinet lights at night, will show off the gorgeous reflective qualities of this material.

Extend It to the Ceiling


Kitchen backsplashes are usually associated with the space between countertops and wall cabinetry, right? However, with the rise of industrial and minimal kitchen designs, the absence of upper cabinets above your countertops allows you the freedom to take your tile design all the way up to ceiling! This is on track to become the “new normal” in kitchen design for new home construction and remodels.


Ceiling-height tile designs create a dramatic focal point in your kitchen and brighten up the space with the tile’s reflective qualities.

Go Big! Oversized Tile Designs


Going big on everything has been a trend in home decor right now, and the same can be said about tile design choices.

The most common size for kitchen backsplash is 3” x 6” but we are seeing manufacturers produce tile designs in larger sizes. A large format backsplash design can be helpful for a small kitchen where large tiles create the perception of space.


Pattern Play


The pattern of your kitchen backsplash plays a huge role in your kitchen design. More homeowners now choose to have interesting tile design patterns on their walls to create a focal point. The tile patterns we have noticed gaining popularity these days are chevron, herringbone, and Moroccan, among many others.


Since most of these modern backsplash patterns will be “busy” you have to be careful not to create an over-cluttered kitchen. With these patterns, we recommend a plain countertop or even white cabinetry to highlight the beauty of the patterned backsplash.

Let’s Make Your Kitchen Beautiful


Whether you choose to spruce up your kitchen countertops or backsplash, or do a complete remodel, let us help. Our professional design and build team members are here to inform and inspire you! To request a quote or ask a question, call us at (650) 287-4202 or drop us a note in our contact form.

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