Go BOLD! Our favorite examples of colored cabinetry in the kitchen

Move over white. This year has showed a lot of shift towards bright and bold colored cabinetry. In fact, one of the inexpensive ways to upgrade your kitchen is to paint your cabinets a different color. Making a statement and creating a mood with cabinetry, like using deep or grey-washed blues and greens is in high demand. These are paired with contrasting kitchen fixtures. Why People are Loving Colored Cabinetry It gives a kitchen a personality and finish. It creates a richer and nuanced look. Colors evoke emotion and positive spirit, when used right. Moodier hued kitchen design ideas add an elegant sense of drama to any home. Want to see more ideas for your next kitchen remodel? Click throu

Why we love the “living finishes” trend in kitchen & bathroom faucets

Home bathroom or kitchen trends these days gravitate towards the rustic theme. Rustic themes are classified as “homey”, giving a lived-in and welcoming feel. The essentials to capturing this design focus on the natural beauty of each furniture detail. The modern take on rustic design tends to use matte blacks. However, living finishes have been the go-to for this style of decor. What are living finishes? According to Signature Living Hardware, “A living finish is a natural patina on a metal or other material. Examples include unsealed copper, nickel and bronze, teak and bamboo. These items are subject to the effects of weather, water and air, and their appearance can be expected to change ov

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