4 Ways to create a welcoming entrance for your home

Did you know that most people make their first impressions of a home within 3.5 seconds of walking into it? What do you think is the first impression your home gives? You only get to have one chance to make a good first impression so it’s important, very much like your house exterior or porch, that you entryway is welcoming, reflects your personal (and house’s) style, and just gives off a happy and comfortable vibe as soon as a guest walks in the front door. Entryways set the tone for the rest of your home. And don’t fret. Even if your home doesn’t have a formal entry or foyer, there are plenty of way to create a welcoming entry in your home that is both beautiful and organized. Tips on Keep

5 Clever examples of hidden storage areas for the kitchen

Two trends in kitchen design in 2019 are minimalism and green design (eco-friendly living). At the heart of these two design trends is functional storage space. Bonus points if those spaces are in areas that are hidden, clever, and blends well with the kitchen’s overall design theme. Kitchen are very hard to keep organized. Without having the right storage system, everything can easily pile up. That’s why it not surprising that one of the kitchen trends in 2016 rated storage as an essential when building kitchens. We have come up with five incredibly clever examples of hidden storage areas in the kitchen. You might find it cool or even adapt it to your own space as well. Smart organisation

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