10 Stylish but Comfortable Bar Stools to Accent your Kitchen Island

The kitchen remains to be the busiest area of a home, and styling it can sometimes go to the bottom priority since most homeowners choose function over style when it comes to the kitchen. And this is perfectly okay. When it comes to styling a kitchen, incorporating pops of color can be challenging since most fixed cabinetry and flooring will stick to neutral pallettes. However, there is a way to incorporate design and style through the use of bar stools! As with any house element, kitchens are changing. People are busy so eating in the dining area have slowly gone to the kitchen - with breakfast bars and dining areas integrated in kitchen islands. Bar stools are growing in demand. We have co

How to Create a Perfect Reading Nook

In a fast-paced life such as we live in today, it takes an effort to find time to slow down and enjoy a stress-free afternoon. As we find time for those slowing down activities, we also need to dedicate spaces in our homes for those activities. These spaces will serve as a reminder for us to take time to slow down. A reading nook can help you achieve this. Note that it doesn’t have to be a whole room, just a corner with pieces of comfort that invite you to simply sit, breathe, and read. When building your reading nook, it is important to take note of your answers to some of these questions: What are the things that make you feel cozy? What are the things you want to accomplish in this area -

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