Hot Trends: Wood-Look Tile for Your Kitchen or Bathroom Remodeling Project

Wood look tiles are an increasingly popular trend in home interior designs these days, being a wonderful choice as an alternative flooring option for houses with pets, young children, or those who live in more humid climates. As wood look tiles are waterproof, it has opened up more wood-look flooring options for areas of the home that are likely to have spills and splashes. We all know that tile flooring is a natural choice for bathrooms and kitchens. It’s durable, water-resistant and very easy to clean (think stains and spills!). Combine the functionality of tile with the beauty of wood, and it’s no wonder these wood-look tiles are a hot trend! New Tech Creates Tiles that Look Like Wood

Laminate vs. Hardwood Flooring for Your Kitchen Remodel Project (Part Two: Installation, Durability,

When you’re investing a large amount of money into a project in your home, you need to be realistic about your lifestyle and how that will affect the lifespan of the materials you choose. Pets, young children, house traffic, etc, are all important factors that should be considered when making your decision, as well as scheduling and other installation factors. As with any material you’re choosing for your kitchen redesign, there are pros and cons when it comes to deciding between hardwood and laminate flooring. In Part One of this series, we compared the two options on appearance and cost. This post, we’re discussing the practical side of things. Part Two: Installation, Durability, Maintenan

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