About SEA Construction, Inc.

SEA began life as a Design/Build firm in 1989. Our reputation is built on honesty, outstanding quality, creative solutions, innovative designs, attention to detail, and transparency with all our clients.


We excel at what we do because we are a highly-experienced team, from initial design through final inspection. Many of our employees and contractors have been with us for more than 20 years and are an integral part of the SEA family. They work tirelessly to exceed your expectations, taking tremendous pride in the work that they do.

Our Response to COVID-19

Why  Design & Build?

Design/Build is a construction delivery method that provides clients with a single source of responsibility for both design and construction. From preliminary designs and budgets to fully specified interior finishes and fixed cost contracts, the team manages all aspects of the process with complete transparency for the client. This process brings together all the necessary elements and professionals to most effectively achieve the goal.

A Design/Build approach allows your project team to collectively provide insights into the costs and feasibility of different design options. The result is a more coherent design, a clearly defined and fixed budget, and a streamlined schedule from inception to final construction inspections.


“Best value” can only be achieved by a team that continuously evaluates budget solutions and creates estimates as the design progresses. We realize this is a considerable investment, and we consider the best fit for your project style when selecting your team experts.

Some Design/Build Benefits

  • Rapid delivery

  • Smoother process

  • Better solutions and value

  • Better communication with fewer problems

  • Faster resolution when challenges do occur

Steve Albert, Founder and Principal

Steve is the driving force behind SEA Construction Inc. and Peninsula Siding Company, Inc. As a third-generation custom home builder and remodeler, he became frustrated by the generally accepted waste of time and resources inherent in the traditional "design to production" process model. Steve does whatever possible to minimize waste and scheduling delays, without compromising the quality, safety, or warrantability of the finished product. Because of this, Steve has cultivated a growing list of loyal clients, each of whom has a story about why they will only use SEA for their future Design/Build work.


Patricia MacIntosh and Thornton Weiler, Design Department Leads
Chris Cleveland, Office Manager

Office Personnel