Can you believe it?

Posted by Devon Shryock

WE won!

Thank you Daily5Remodel for the awesome iPad -and just for signing up too (although that's not why we signed up). Your online magazine rocks!
We're going to use our new iPad to show clients beautiful photos and videos of our work. Who knows what else we'll think of. Anyone have other ideas? We'd

If you get a chance, check the article in this link: Daily5Remodel
Recommendation: If you're in the business, you need to sign up for Daily5Remodel!
It's current, relevant and energizing for the new breed of professional and the clients who want to know them.

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Apr 23, 2016
Lp48dIdT said:
Now we know who the sesbnile one is here. Great post!
Apr 25, 2016
PmFr7HESXI said:
This is just the peefcrt answer for all of us
Apr 25, 2016
LIqWOz669W said:
Ok, this is the best photo of Miles yet. Beats the daylights out of the ones from the doctors office! Seosluiry, absolutely gorgeous. A tie with how beautiful you looked the day you walked into the church to get married. Great setting, freat pose, colors, etc. Anxious to see the rest. [url=]eablnwnh[/url] [link=]dofstrmnzn[/link]
Apr 26, 2016
NBEvnPFwaz7 said:
I love zucchini bread and I love bundt cake so this is definitely going on my must-make list. I think Du#t7ee&d821t;s like you; she can’t wrap her head around the fact that her enemy, zucchini, can actually taste good in a cake.
Apr 26, 2016
6wcZjN5kj said:
Hi jenenfir, if they were burning and still sticking it sounds like you needed to use the non-stick baking paper. Watch the macaron FAQ video that i just put up last week and see if it helps. [url=]rybcdenuskz[/url] [link=]zxerxmwalhg[/link]
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