Wow! Decorate Your Kid’s Room Like a Pro Interior Designer


Allowing kids to be involved in the design of their own rooms is intimidating at best for parents. You want them to feel like they have input, but don’t want their room to end up looking like a rainbow threw up all over it. Letting kids redo their own rooms creates responsibility within the household and fosters their own creativity.

Guidelines for Designing Your Child’s Room

The first important thing to discuss with your kid before redecorating a bedroom are function, comfort and theme of the room. These will guide the rest of your decorating. Allow your child to have as much liberty in the decorating process as possible to make the project his or her own. However, if that isn’t possible, provide options in each of the following areas:

Let Your Child Choose Their Bedroom Wall Color

Often one of the first things kids want to change in their rooms is the paint color. Paint is a relatively cheap way to completely change the look of a space.

Wall decals (large adhesive stickers) and tapestries are commonly overlooked when decorating, yet are great to decorate your kid’s room with because they are temporary. You can easily find themed decals online and are a great alternative to enhancing a room’s walls without the chore, or permanency, of painting.

Make the Most Out of Your Child’s Furniture

If you are in the market for a new bedroom set, our recommendation is to buy high-quality furniture that will transition with your child. Refurbishing old furniture with wood stain or even a coat of paint is also a great option if their current furniture is in need of some TLC.

Allow Your Child to Be Creative with Their Bedding

It is important to not overwhelm a space with a novelty theme or pattern. However, if your child is following a theme don’t be afraid to buy themed “bed-in-a-bags” which are affordable and include the bedspread, sheets, shams, and often a accent pillow. Instead of patterned or novelty bedspreads, choosing a solid color and adding patterned or themed sheets is also an inexpensive way to change up the decor of your kid’s room. If you are following no specific theme, providing options in colors and patterns is the most effective strategy for your child to choose their bedding. Lastly, never forget the pillows - the more the merrier!

Do-It-Yourself Room Decorations for Your Kid

Make it fun and creative! Here are inexpensive and hands-on decoration projects to make with your kids:

  1. Vinyl rolling curtains are an inexpensive material that can be used in replacement of curtains. These are easy for kids to decorate with fabric, trim and memorabilia. Just add a little glue!
  2. Pillow Covers can be made from canvas and are easy to decorate with acrylic paints. Throwing some funky yarn on with fabric glue to write phrases or even kid’s initials is another way to personalize your kid’s space. Pillows are a great way to make a room more inviting and are a great addition to a study or play nook.
  3. Lighting is a great way to customize your child’s room decorations. Let your child get creative by buying inexpensive lamps and decorating the shades and base. Have your child use paint, stickers or decorative tape to make the decorations their own.

Engaging your kid in their room design provides a sense of accomplishment for your child as well as creates a comfortable space for your child to relax, play and study. To discover more home tips, follow SEA Construction blog or follow us on Facebook and Twitter.


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