Which Room is the Most Important in your Home?

Posted by Devon Shryock

When people are asked this question they come up with all sorts of answers. “The kitchen” or “the living room” are the most common replies. However, according to a survey done by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, we spend the most time in the house in one room - the bedroom.

Even though we spend around 7.7 hours sleeping each day, the bedroom is often overlooked in a remodel because it’s a space most people don’t often see. This room may feel intensely private to you, which is even more reason why you should get it sculpted to fit you and your needs completely.

Now that we’ve put a bug in your ear about getting that bedroom upgrade you’ve been needing, here are a few ideas which might help you create the ideal space for rest and relaxation:

Streamline your room for sleep. Instead of creating an office/bedroom/entertainment space, try to create a space for sleeping only. This may mean you need to move the computer into that hallway nook or have only one TV in the house. Either way, creating a space for sleep only can help you feel bright eyed and bushy tailed in the morning.

Separate out the areas of your bedroom by using different materials or colors. For example, installing a hardwood floor in the sitting or dressing area of your room will make it feel like a completely different space to the cozy sleeping area.

Sometimes organization and storage is what you need to get your bedroom feeling restful. A redistribution of space during the remodel may add some precious feet to the closet without making your bedroom tiny. Another idea is to install a few built-ins which will give you extra storage without sapping space.

Try adding a soothing color to the room. Calming colors like blue or green can help you get a better night sleep. If you choose low or zero VOC paint, you can avoid that fresh paint smell, too.

Add a dormer for more space or a window for that morning light. Sometimes, it’s not so much that we have a hard time sleeping as we have a hard time waking up. Adding more morning light to the bedroom might be the perfect touch.

Install an accent wall instead of a headboard. One gorgeous way to really spruce up your bedroom is to create an accent wall of bare brick, rock, or wallpaper. This can brighten up the room when you walk in, but it won’t distract you as you fall asleep.

There are many ways you can create the ideal room for rest. Get in touch with us and let’s pool our ideas together!

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