What are the Bay Area Remodel Trends for 2016?

Posted by Devon Shryock

The New Year is here and we’re ready to look at the new Bay Area remodelling trends of 2016. The two most popular rooms to remodel are, no surprise, still the kitchen and bathrooms. Since these are the two most popular, let’s focus on the trends for these two rooms.

Bay Area remodeling trends for 2016

Bathroom Trends for 2016

Remodelling a bathroom is an excellent way to freshen up your home or add value if you intend on selling in the near future. Choosing to remodel a bathroom is a great decision since they are small and nearly infinitely customizable.

Heated Floors

Installing a heating unit beneath your bathroom’s tile floor enables you to keep temperatures lower at night (which studies show helps you sleep better) without worrying about cold feet when you get up in the morning.

Modern and Transitional Fixtures

If you’re thinking about changing your bathroom’s countertops, cabinets, or fixtures opt for either a modern or transitional design. These design feature straight lines and simple features. They not only look great but also contribute to creating a calming environment.

Relaxing Features

In addition to having countertops and fixtures that contribute to a calming environment, another trend on the rise is adding features for relaxation such as large bathtubs, wireless speakers, and spa-like amenities.

Bay Area Remodeling Kitchen trends for 2016

Kitchen Trends for 2016

Kitchens have always been the heart of the home and it’s easy to understand why. The kitchen is where meals are prepared and where much of the family will gather. It’s also often one of the first rooms guests will see when the visit.

Natural Materials/Colors

Once the home of modern inventions such as linoleum and Formica, the kitchen is now reverting back to nature through the use of hardwood floors, stone countertops, and natural colors. Using natural elements creates a connection with the outdoors as well as a soothing environment.

Contemporary Cabinets

They account for the majority of space used in your kitchen so your cabinets should be bold and beautiful. Contemporary cabinets feature a sleek design that boasts functionality and style.

Sleek/Industrial Style Appliances

Kitchen appliances are often the first thing to be considered when a large remodel takes place. Appliances are easier to replace than cabinets or flooring and new models often have much better features. If you plan on replacing your appliances, go with an industrial style and sleek lines to complement your cabinets.

If you need help deciding which features would look best in your bathroom or kitchen, have our very talented designers give you a hand.


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