Update Your Interior Paint With These On-Trend Colors

Posted by Devon Shryock

Sometimes our favorite trendy colors aren't meant to last as home decor (we're looking at you, mustard yellow shag carpeting). Luckily, the recent fads have been all about minimalism. Super simple designs are all the rage which means they look great now and will for quite some time! If you're looking to refresh, modernize or update your interior design, try incorporating these timeless and on-trend colors.

Soft Grey

It's time for the truth to come out, beige can be boring. While it's a perfectly fine neutral color, it adds nothing to the character of your home. It's time to try a new, stunning and on-trend neutral that accentuates your other interior colors while still holding its own. Soft grey is a perfect, unpredictable wall color. Plus, it matches nearly everything!

Bright White

If you're looking for a cleaner neutral try bright white out. The secret to avoiding that sterile hospital feel when incorporating bright white in your home is to use texture. Subway tile backsplashes are an increasingly popular and effective way to add more bright white texture to your kitchen or bathroom!


If you really want to make a statement in your home, use black. When paired with the right colors, like the bright white mentioned above, it can turn the most blah room into the stylish one in your house! The best part is that much like a little black dress, black paint never goes out of style.


No matter what kind of tone you're trying to set in your new interior, you can't go wrong with blue. There is a shade for the living room, one for the bathroom and another for the home office. Blue is perhaps the most versatile interior paint color option — and pairs wonderfully with soft grey, white and black. If you utilize different shades in varying rooms through the home (not every single one, though) you'll create a nice cohesive feel in the whole house.

Warm Accents

A muted room is a dull room. The best way to add life to your living roo or kitchen is with warm accent colors, especially pink, orange or red. The key is choosing one and using it to tie the room's elements together or to repeat in spots throughout the house. When used sparingly, you'll instantly cheer up any room.

Right now is the perfect time to revitalize your home's interior before the holidays! Choose on-trend colors won't go out of style.

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