Up-to-date Fall Color Themes


September brings cool weather and warm colors. Leaves begin to turn into their beautiful red-orange color while the days become a little gloomier. Fight this gloom by spicing up your home with the latest fall color trends! Neutral browns and bright red or orange colors are classics and can do wonders in brightening up the inside of your home or during the grey winter months.

Feel free to mix and match styles

Woodsy dressers and side tables paired with modern, bright chairs are totally acceptable, even trendy thanks to today’s eclectic style. Creating an indoor-outdoor feel is possible with the use of wicker baskets, headpieces, art decoration and light fixtures within the interior of your living space. A rustic decor filled with dark browns, greens and reds will provide the spark for the holiday vibes.


Grey is the new beige. Neutrals are increasingly popular and are an easy way to bring all the colors in your house together. Mixing and matching different colors of greys can give your house a fuller and richer look. When your furniture and counters are a neutral color use a bright fall paint colors to cheer up the room and keep a strong, appealing contrast between the tones.

Use Bright Colors

Red, orange and yellow are the classic fall colors. But green is totally acceptable too! Don’t let your style be impinged by what is accepted. Feel free to experiment. It gives a revitalized and fresh look to your home. All of these colors can be extremely bright, for an ultra modern pop, or dulled down for a subtle style. New designers are throwing out the old concept of rooms being all one color. Mixing colors and have undertones makes the home cozier, bringing you more happiness this holiday season.

September is a month of change, bringing a lot of seasonal items including new decorations and color themes! Fall colors are cozy and neutral, mixed with a sharp splashes of color. Don’t be scared to try something new! Mix-n-match styles and colors or go with a layered color look to give your house a rich, personal style!

If you want to change and modernize your fall style, we can help! Contact us today to transform every square inch of your home into a something from a magazine!  

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