Wow Your Thanksgiving Guests with the Perfect Kitchen

Posted by Devon Shryock

Have you dreamed of having the perfect kitchen? It's the kind of kitchen that makes you volunteer to host every major holiday meal so your friends and family can enjoy it as much as you do. The perfect kitchen could be a few lighting fixtures or a complete home remodel away. Here's what you should be sure to include:

  • If you entertain friends and family often, you'll want an open kitchen plan. When you isolate the food prep area from a main gathering room, the host and chef isolate themselves from the rest of the party. When you open up the space, guests will naturally congregate around the food and you won't have to miss  a bit of the fun.

  • Provide a seating area in the kitchen around a large kitchen island. It can serve as a wet or dry bar, a buffet for appetizers or an extra food prep station. mix up the seating options with stools and tall bar chairs. The variety is aesthetically pleasing and provides options for those who prefer not to sit on a stool for an extended period of time.

  • Get creative with your kitchen lighting. Food doesn't always look appetizing under harsh fluorescent lights. So, just as you should open your kitchen to the rest of your house, open the windows to allow for more natural lighting. You might also want to consider switching out ordinary kitchen light fixtures for hanging fixtures. Not only will the provide a softer, more welcoming light in your kitchen, they are a timeless feature that can give your kitchen a boost.

  • Monochrome and beige kitchens are a thing of the past. Add strategic pops of color in the kitchen to brighten up the room without resorting to traditional bright white cabinets. Painting the walls is the perfect place to keep up with the trendy kitchens you might see on HGTV. You'll wow your friends without making any major commitments on a trend,

  • For hardware like light fixtures and faucets, as well as appliances, stick with timeless pieces. This means choosing brushed hardware throughout your kitchen — be sure to choose the same metal, though! Likewise, stainless steel appliances will always look chic and clean in your kitchen.

The most important component to the perfect kitchen is you! Make sure you are comfortable cooking and maneuvering between station and around the appliances. Don't forget to add your own personality as well! You want your perfect kitchen to reflect you and inspire culinary greatness this Thanksgiving.

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