Stop Dreading Doing Laundry - Get a Laundry Room Remodel


Has your laundry room become more of a storage place for Christmas decorations and sports equipment? Or maybe you dread laundry day because your laundry room has become more of a mudroom with no space to actually sort and fold laundry. These problems can easily be dealt with by giving your laundry room a remodel. Laundry room remodels are quickly becoming one of the most popular remodeling projects and it will help you maximize space and efficiency. The three most important factors to consider in your laundry room remodel are the appliances, storage space, and working space.


To find the perfect washer and dryer for your laundry room, you should first consider how much space you have to work with. If your laundry room is lacking in space, consider getting a stacking washer/dryer combo or even an all-in-one unit. When you’re picking your appliances, select ones that are energy and water efficient. Having efficient appliances will save you money on water and electricity in the long run. And are good for the environment!

Storage Space

The next big item to think about during a laundry room renovation is the storage space you will need. If your laundry room will only be used for laundry, you will need space for soaps, fabric softener, and possibly an ironing board. If you will be using this room to store other items, you will need to put in additional storage. Remember to look to unconventional areas to build in storage space such as behind doorways.

Working Space

Finally, when remodeling your laundry room you should consider how much space you will need for sorting and folding laundry. This space can be incorporated above the washer and dryer if you have selected front-loading appliances. If you have the space you can also create a work bench specifically for laundry day.

Do you need help finding solutions for your laundry room remodel? Contact our designers! They will be able to find the perfect solution for you.

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