Steven E. Albert

Founder and Principle

Steven Albert is the driving force behind S.E.A. Construction Inc. and its reputation for excellent service. As a third generation custom home builder and remodeler, he became frustrated by the generally accepted, collateral waste of time and resources inherent in the traditional design to production process model. Even back then, Steve was already working with architects who were forward thinkers among their own peers, and who were also frustrated by the status quo and budget waste.

In The Begining

Everyone involved in a project wants happy clients, and most clients have a finite budget. So waste in any form doesn't help anyone. This is still particularly true today. Steve and his first partner, Timothy Wilson, a noted contemporary architect, wanted to create a model that inherently allowed the entire process between the professionals involved to be far more collaborative than had ever been in the past. They launched their vision together by starting a company called ArchiBuilder. Steve and Tim deeply believed that by removing obsticles to seamless collaboration between the design and production phases, the costs to homeowners could be improved. Redesigning and re-drawing plans at an hourly charge or retainer revision, as well as endless re-submittal to a constactor for cost-estimation (a time requirement which must be accounted for in the production costs) would be sharply arrested. He believed by reducing upfront costs, people would get more (end product) out of their budgets. It allso frees each member of the team to focus on what they do best, thereby building greater satisfaction among homeowners.

S.E.A. Construction, Design/Build Firm was founded in 1988, and became one of the very first remodeling companies in California to introduce the all inclusive, highly collaborative design and build model.

"As far as I know, SEA and Iris Harrell Remodeling, were the only truly (in-house) design/build firms around. Lots of people called themselves design-build, but it isn't that simple. It requires an entirely different mind-set for all involved, from contractor to designer and architect. It isn't just a name. Its a philosophy with absolute dedication to three very specific goals in mind for the client: value, value, and value! That's how we shine."

From the start, the homeowners attracted to the D/B model were quick to pick-up on the advantages to them of rethinking the traditional architect-controlled project. The team partnership and collaborative processes required by design/build makes sense for very practical reasons which directly impacts budget and the options open to them.


With over 35 years of personal experience in construction, Steve is exquisitely knowledgeable in all aspects of the trade. He commits to each client a beautiful, cost effective, value driven project.

"I want it to be the best it can be! Most people are good and smart, and they just want a contractor who has their back, who will do things right and who will be honest with them. These are the folks who make what I do everyday enjoyable."

Steve continues to cultivate an ever growing list of loyal clients, and each one has story after story about why they love him. And, yes, that's the word they use.

Mr. Albert constantly seeks the best subcontractor talent and only recruits those with the same business ethic which includes warrantying their labor, as well as that personal responsibility and can-do attitude that SEA, its partners, associates, and employees strive for. Many of the surveys and independent reviews submitted by actual clients, consistently give special mention to our subcontractors and carpenters.

S.E.A. continues to win national awards for their service and value engineered design collaborations. We are indebted to the wonderful San Mateo community which continues to support S.E.A. Construction and allows us to serve our local homeowners for over two decades.

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