Step Up Your Home Organization Game Before School Starts


Summer is almost over and school will be back in session again. Is your family, and your house, ready for hectic extracurricular schedules and homework time? Prepping your home in advance can take the stress of a new routine out of the new school year. Here are our favorite ways to start the school year off right with home organization:

Decide on a place for backpacks

Don’t let your front doorway or mudroom become a dumping place as soon as you or the kids get home. Make it a habit to always put backpacks, briefcases and purses in the same place every day. Designating a special hook, creating cubbies, or using some other home organization system will ensure no one will trip over a rogue backpack right as they enter the house. Plus, the long searches for your child’s backpack in the morning will be over when it’s always in the same place!

Set up a designated homework space

Do your young scholars do all their homework at the kitchen counter? While it is certainly an ideal location in terms of access to study snacks (brain food is very important!), it may not be the place where they can do their best work. So, help them create their own study space where they can be comfortable and focused. Don’t forget to ask for their input! Create a space they’ll want to be in to make homework time pain-free.

Make sure there is a fun space in the house when homework is done

If your house has a home office, it probably also has a family room. That’s because every home needs a place to unwind and relax. Once homework is complete, make sure your kids have another space, like a playroom or bonus room, to have some fun!

Clean out the closet for any of last year’s clothes that no longer fit

It’s back-to-school shopping season, making this the perfect time to take inventory on your kids’ wardrobes. Encourage them to go through their closets and sort their clothes into three piles: keep, donate and trash. Keep anything that still fits or has sentimental value. Donate any clothes that are still in good condition but don’t fit anymore. Throw anything away with tears or stains that aren’t repairable.

Ask them to clean their rooms - even under the bed!

Start the year on a clean slate - literally! Having a clean room will help your child focus and sleep better. If they’re at a transitional age, maybe it’s time to consider redecorating or updating their bedroom.

Add a lunch-making station in the kitchen

Just like you should have a designated spot in the mudroom for backpacks, consider keeping a lunch-making station in your kitchen. This can be an attachment to the island low enough for your child to make their own lunch or a spot on the counter where they can always pick up their lunchbox. You’ll be shocked by the decrease in forgotten lunches!

Start the school year ready for success with a home organization system that works for you and your family! If your home needs some structural changes to help you get more organized, give S.E.A. Construction a call! We’ll work with you to create the home of your dreams.

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