Spring Home Maintenance Checklist

Posted by Devon Shryock

March 20th is the first day of spring. We all know what that means! Birds are chirping, flowers are blooming, and we are cleaning out our homes. Spring cleaning gives you a great opportunity to take a look at various parts of your home, and insure they are not only clean, but functioning the way they should. Here is a quick checklist you can print out and keep with you as you clean - so you can make sure to check that all is well with your home:


__ While dusting vents: Make sure your air conditioner is functioning and take a look at the last time it had maintenance done on it. Another thing to check on the air conditioning is if your filter is dirty. These should be replaced every three months to help your AC work properly.

__ While getting your deck ready: Check for water stains where the deck ties to the house. Also, take a look at any railing you have around your deck and make sure it is secure.

__ While cleaning your windows: Take a look at your siding or stucco. Dings, cracks, or bubble-like protrusions all mean you need to consider replacing or repairing your siding. Check out our sister company, Peninsula Siding, for a consultation.

__ While cleaning the gutters: Check the roof for stains, cracked shingles, or rusty chimney flashing. Also, take a look at the gutters and make sure they are properly attached to your home. Getting roofing problems fixed rapidly can help you avoid leaks and interior water damage.

__ While spraying down the driveway: Look for cracks and holes in your driveway and walkways. The last thing you want is a tripping hazard causing problems for you, your children, or visitors to your home.

__ While stowing winter items: Take a look at your home as a whole. Does it need a remodel or some built-in storage space to help you keep it looking bright, open and clean all year round?

__ While closing your flue: Take a look at your firebox and chimney. Does it need a professional cleaning? This is the time of year to get it done - well before you will need to use it again. That way you can start off the fall and winter seasons with a roaring fire, as soon as it starts to get cold.

__ While doing the laundry: Check your dryer vent and make sure that isn’t a lint build up. A clogged vent can both reduce your dryer’s efficiency and be a fire hazard.

__ While planting new buds: Check around your foundation for any cracking. Foundation problems can really harm a house.

__ While finally tackling all those old boxes in your attic: Check for any critter activity. You don’t want rats, mice, or bees making their home in your house!

__While cleaning in general: Take a look at your water faucets and pipes. Are they leaking, clogged or appear to be sweaty? Make sure they are properly sealed off.

We specialize in remodels here at S.E.A. Construction, but we want to make sure that your dream home, once created, is protected and maintained! 

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