The Secret to a Fresh Bathroom with Just a Few Updates

Posted by Devon Shryock

Bathrooms are often a forgotten zone when we think about dream home remodels. When most homeowners think about bathroom updates, they often just replace the features with the newest version of the same thing. For a truly fresh bathroom, consider more than just replacing the old. Here are a few ways to get started:

Add color.

If a bathroom is too beige or simply painted, it can start to look dingy or even dirty. Using a color palette in the bathroom can keep the room bright without being unnerving. Simple touches, like painting the cabinets a darker shade to complement your color palette, can instantly update the room. Plus, it's easier to hide any accidental scuff marks!

Rethink bathroom tile.

Who decided all bathrooms need to have the same ugly tile? Flip the script with hardwood bathroom flooring. (Laminate also does the job if you prefer that instead.) Hardwood is a great way to make your bathroom warmer. If you'd like to keep some tile in your bathroom, consider using it as a sink backsplash. On-trend tile choices, like stark white subway tile, offer a modern twist on a tired bathroom design staple.

Avoid harsh lighting.

We cannot overemphasize how important it is to have soft, natural lighting in bathrooms. Why, then, are so many equipped with harsh lighting and out-of-date light fixtures? You should be able to look in the mirror without fear of strange shadows and discoloration! To help soften the lights, consider sconce lighting fixtures. A large bathroom mirror can also brighten the room while making it look bigger.

We rarely think about the materials we use and how they reflect light. Warm earthy tones can illuminate a room, without blinding the occupant. Consider matching walnut cabinets and honey-colored stone countertops to enhance the bathroom's natural light.

Mix and match eras.

Much of the interior design and home remodeling centers on balancing timeless features and trendy pieces. It's a fine line to walk but can be aesthetically gratifying when balanced well. One of our favorite ways to mix and match is to pair subway tile backsplashes with basin sinks in guest bathrooms. It elevates your bathroom to the next level and you'll be sure to impress any holiday guests.

Please keep your bathroom clean!

Of course, you know to clean your bathroom regularly. However, keeping the counters and open surfaces decluttered is just as important as a nice scrub. After all, do your guests really need to know every toiletry product you have when you use the bathroom? A messy bathroom is extremely easy to spot and can make a guest feel uncomfortable quickly. Save any special knick knacks for another room.

If you need a major bathroom remodel for a fresh and clean bathroom, give S.E.A. Construction a call. We'll work with you to give you the bathroom of your dreams!

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