SEA Services and Mission

" matters who you grant your trust to!"

Remodeling is challenging for homeowners; its inconvenient, dusty and emotional. Unless you have moved out completely and are using lottery winnings to remodel, the stakes are always high. Moreover, deciding on the professional who will ultimately build your new project is entrusted with all your hopes and a budget you've worked hard to produce. It is an enormous responsibility for you and your entire team, so your confidence is our first priority. And it matters who you grant your trust to!

Our goal is to provide low-stress management, implementation and coordination of each phase from design cost consulting to plan submittal and permits; from demolition to excavation; and from framing all the way to the finishing touches and professional house cleaning upon completion. SEA’s coveted resource of qualified subcontractors are always fully licensed and bonded, competitive and polite.

S.E.A Construction Inc. offers a unique three year warranty on all our work.Let our extensive experience with every aspects of construction support all your custom building and remodeling goals. Whether you are looking for A to Z turn-key service, or want to participate in the building of your new home or renovation along side us, we would be delighted to meet you and talk about how we can help.

We’ll guide so you can decide what’s best for you.

  1. We can help you conceptualize ideas that your city will approve.
  2. We build your ideas to last, saving money by building value.
  3. We warranty your new project for up to 3 years. You have our word!

Need an architect or designer? We've had the privilege of working along side some of the best, and we're happy to recommend them. Be assured that every detail will be drawn, accounted for, and included in value-engineered our cost estimate investment. We make sure there are no hidden costs, and no surprises!

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