S.E.A. Construction and Cody Brock Team up with Hayes Group for Dreams Happen 2011

Posted by Devon Shryock

Well, the 2011 Dreams Happen event is about to happen again and we'll be ready. Two years ago S.E.A. Construction, Inc. and The Hayes Group joined forces to produce the mysterious Spy Lair. It raised $26,000 at the 2009 Dreams Happen Auction; the exciting biennial event that raises money for Rebuilding Together Peninsu

2009 Spy Lair
Photo by Carrie Gomez

This year, however, Hayes and S.E.A. have teamed up with Charlie Cody of Cody│Brock Commercial Builders. Cody is donating the space for the project’s construction, and is sharing the cost of production with SEA and Hayes. Steve and Rich of SEA agree that it is uplifting and tremendously fun to collaborate with another contractor like Charlie on such a cause.

Hayes has come up with yet another rub-your-little-hands-together-in-glee magical creation. It’s perfect for little scientists on their way to discovering the great inventions of their generation. The Science Lab (as the plan calls it,) is so much more than the name suggests. We can’t wait to see it decked out with all its exciting doodads, thingies, and what-cha-ma-bobs... (that’s code for ‘cool stuff we’re hoping uber science-ie shops and awesome lab-ish businesses will be willing to donate... ehem... hint, hint? Know anywhere like that? )

Here’s what it looked like last weekend.

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Here’s what it looked like last weekend. Just wait!

If you’d like to witness the evolution of this amazing playhouse for yourself, just subscribe to this blog. Then you can unsubscribe after the Gala Auction (or whenever) if you like

I’ll be snapping photos weekly at the Cody│Brock warehouse to show you how the project is taking shape as our SEA team takes it from blueprint to 3D.

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Jose Moreno & Edgar Luna
The Talent of S.E.A. Construction, Inc.

Hey... Pssst! Don’t tell anyone, but I’m thinking we should call it “The Amazing Super- Science Lab”...T.A.S.S.L. (huh?) ...Err, umm well, ...hummm! Oh, what the heck!

Well anyway, hit subscribe to get your updates, or just come on back next week for developments.

Details: Gala and Auction, June 4, 2011
Stanford Shopping Center, Main Courtyard Beginning at 6:30pm

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