Repurposing Materials in Your New Home Renovation

Posted by Devon Shryock

When it comes to saving money on a home renovation or custom remodel, we get two typical questions. 

1. "Can we reuse my Oak floors?"

2. "My existing retrofit windows- can we use them in the new addition?"

So we put together a short list of typical items that can and can not easily be reused to save you time and money. 

Some may surprise you but regarding items that fall somewhere in between, we included some explanation about why to help you weighing the cost over the short and long term.

What can I reuse feasibly & successfully?

  • Roof tiles extracted in good condition
  • Appliances  
  • Interior Doors
  • Cabinetry
  • Door and cabinet hardware
  • Some double glazed windows
  • Toilets that comply with current water standards
  • Faucets that comply with current water standards

What materials may cost more to relocate than to replace?

  • Existing vintage windows
  • Baseboards and wood floors (by professionals)
  • Vintage light fixtures (may be revamped to current standards but will add to your bottom line)
  • Sinks (tend to break or crack during extraction)
  • Older toilets and faucets that no longer meet the current codes.
  • Light fixtures that do not meet current energy standards

The exception to some of these is if you do the labor yourself. For instance, to preserve the character of an old Victorian, it may be a better investment over the long term to reuse the wood floors, door and window frames, baseboards and or mantel pieces. Extracting them yourself may be less costly than hiring a professional. But make no mistake, whether you do it yourself or you hire someone to do it for you, this will take tremendous care, time, as well as the added (and not inexpensive) cost of cleaning and removing any lead paint before they can be reinstalled and refinished. Regardless of how you do it, if your preference is to ensure the historic value of your home (especially amortized over the years you plan to keep it in the family) then it may be worth the added time and cost.

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