Raw Pea Inspiration (a sweet smoothie remodel)

Posted by Devon Shryock

The Accidental Pea Soup

"Love is a fruit in season at all times, and within the reach of every hand."
~Mother Teresa 

Funny that we don't think of culinary improvisation as reciperemodeling. But it actually is. Particularly when you have to begin with what is and endeavor to make it much better than you'd hoped to.

It's breakfast time at the crack of 11:00am around here, between scanning emails, morning walks, and a head start on work related projects for the day. Then 5 minutes later, there's that mad scramble at the lightning arrival of 6:30 pm and still nothing's deforested for dinner; you'd think I'd learn...

Today I started my fruit smoothie like all the others, adding to my adorable VitaMix the usual ingredients, when suddenly what poured out of a previously opened package of blueberries (I had thought) were instead startlingly green, and rather perfect. 
"Oh NO!!! ...green peas! A lot of them!" Now what?

green peas

"Every Fault is a Fashion..."

At least that's what my fashion designer mother used to say when faced with the unexpected production flaw. So I lead with that. I had two choices: 1. scoop out all the peas I could with a spoon and continue to make a fruit smoothie OR 2. remove the banana (the only sweet thing in there so far) and totally shift my mind from breakfast to early lunch. This is not usually easy for me once I have my mind set on something. Nevertheless, in the spirit of spontaneity I opted to scoop out the chopped banana as it required fewer motions to remedy the situation than tackling a zillion little peas.

Now, it was time to get creative. I placed my right pinkie firmly at the corner of my lips and declared to my surrogate dog, Ethan, 
"Today I will invent a raw pea soup, and it will be worth ONE MILLION DOLLORS!"!


Raw Pea Surprise

Juicing For Joy Makes A Smoothie Smile 

Add to your VitaMix these Ingredients:

14 oz Filtered water or Organic coconut water (More if needed as you go for your preferred consistency). 

8 oz fresh green peas (raw frozen will do in a pinch)

raw Raw Maca Root Powder

1-2 cups Fresh baby spinach leaves

1 tsp Maca powder

1/2 ripe avocado

1 Tbs raw almond butter

1 small garlic clove

1-2 tsp organic miso (feel free to try any raw miso dressing you might have on hand instead)

Dash of ground cumin

Himalayan salt to taste

freshly ground black pepper

Blend beginning at a low setting and turn up to 10 within the time it takes you to say
"This smoothie is now a soup that will taste delicious and look amazing in my best bone china!" 
Then flip on the HIGH switch and let it run for just long enough to take the chill off of the soup and bring out its delicate flavors.

If you love Basil you can add one large leaf of fresh basil.
Also, as the garlic is raw, some people may find it over-powering, so use your discretion according to the lucky palates you may decide to share your soup with. (I didn't share it the first time round either!)

By the way, whilst it is really yummy and satisfying, my inner Doctor No may want to re-think the million dollar tag.


Meet Ethan!


Ethan wants you to have this important information about pet-safety in your garden. 

This list can be found over atPeninsula Siding Company's 40/50 Blog, and includes some must-have resources for prevention and advice in the event of an accident.

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