Protecting Your Yard During a Remodel

Posted by Devon Shryock

Whether you live in San Mateo or San Francisco, protecting your yard, lawn, and plants during a remodel is important.  Even with the most careful remodeling company, a slip-up or lack of knowledge about your landscaping can mean a plant will need replacing or a lawn might need re-seeding.



So, here are some tips which will allow your contractor to understand your yard and protect it:


Tell us what is important to you.  We may be trying to preserve the lawn while all you want is for us to keep out of the bare soil you’ve been fertilizing and preparing.  If you let your remodeling contractor know your yard plans in advance, we can work with you to keep away from any delicate locations. 


Make a path.  Some homes don’t have a clear path or staging area for construction.  This is completely understandable - your home wasn’t built to stage further construction!  All this means is you as the homeowner should let your contractor know the section of your home, yard, driveway, or garage that works the best for staging and carrying items in and out of your house.


What may look like a logical path to others might be just the walkway bordered by your prize strawberry plants.  So, let us know where we can and cannot go in your yard and outdoor space.


Expect some dust.  We admit it, we do amazing work.  But, no matter how many protective measures we take, there will be a little dust in the air.  It comes with the territory.  We’re sorry!  The only thing we can say about this one is that once you see the end result - that dust will seem like a small price to pay.  


Give everything a good watering when we’re all done. When a remodeling project is all done, it’s typical for a remodeling company to get everything spic and span.  You can help out by giving your yard and plants a good watering.  This way any little dust particles that escaped can be washed away.


We respect your home and yard - it’s what we do!  Our job is to help you improve the look and functionality of these spaces.  Communication about all aspects of remodeling - including what you don’t want to change is extremely important.  


What is the thing about your home or yard that you wouldn’t change for the world?  Let us know!

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