Little Known Ways to Prep Before You Sell Your House

Posted by Devon Shryock

A lot of planning and energy goes into putting a house on the market. No matter how well you keep your home tidy, it's probably not ready for an open house tomorrow. But, do you know how to prep before you sell your house? Follow these tips if you're ready to sell your home, or simply want to boost your home's value:

Have your home inspected by a professional.

Before you even think about putting your home back on the market, let a professional home inspector take a look. It's important to know if there are any major foundational issues with the house before turning any attention to cosmetic fix-ups. Once the inspector gives your house the go-ahead, move on to the next steps.

Spruce up your home.

  • New paint can do wonders. If you don't have the time to repaint the whole house, focus on the areas that matter. The places of your home guaranteed to wow potential buyers the most are the entryway and kitchen. Touching up the trim, shutters and front door can also make a difference in brightening up your home. Try to use neutral colors so the next owners can picture themselves in the space!
  • Clean everything. An open-house visitor who walks into a dirty house will probably turn around and walk back out. Make sure the entryway is clear and clean. Any dead light bulbs should be replaced. Polish all metalwork throughout at least the first floor, including doorknobs, and wash the windows. Finally, pressure wash the walkway and driveway for that extra "wow" factor.
  • Try a little landscaping. Before you clean a walkway, make sure your house is stunning from the curb. After all, the curb appeal is often the first impression potential buyers will have of the home. A neatly edged and mowed lawn, along with some nice window boxes full of flowers, can help boost that impression.
  • Fix it up. Make a list of everything in the house that needs a little tightening here or there and then fix it! This could include finally repairing that leaky faucet. Or, it could involve some remodeling. Take this time before you put your house on the market to improve the outdated tile and remodel the cramped master bathroom. Don't neglect updating your exterior siding! Taking care of these updates now will raise your listing price when you decide to sell.
  • Double-check the kitchen. This is the single most important area in your house to potential home buyers. They can probably see themselves putting their own spin on the living room or wallpaper but if they don't connect with the kitchen, they might just walk away.

The final step is to find a real estate agent you can trust and work well with. Don't forget to ask them if they have any ideas of their own to help you market your house better!

If you find an area of your house that could use some sprucing —or a remodel— get in touch with S.E.A. Construction to get your house ready to sell.

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