Picking Paint Colors for a Remodel

Posted by Devon Shryock

Picking a color to paint the interior of your home is a very personal decision. It is the color you will look at every day, the color you will decorate your home around and the color that all visitors will see and remember as being a part of who you are. Choosing the “right” color is a process. While Pinterest and other home inspiration websites offer great ideas, we believe that the color of your home should be an extension of who you are. We have a few tips for you to keep in mind when you begin to pick a color for your next room remodel.


Watch the Lighting

Pay attention to the lighting details in the room while you are picking a color. Dark and bold colors are accentuated in rooms with natural light. A wall that gets direct sunlight may not be the best place to choose a red accent wall. The light may make a color overwhelming, causing it to envelope the room. Also, if a room is lacking natural light, a dark or bold color could make the room appear darker and smaller. Choose dark colors for walls without direct sunlight and keep your naturally dark rooms lit with soft or neutral colors.


Test your Choice

 You’ve got to test drive the car before you make the purchase. The same goes for paint color. If you are definitely painting a room, try out a color by painting a square or a small area in the color you are imagining. Letting the paint dry on the wall the way that it will when the whole room is done will let you see exactly how the finished product will look. If you are still on the fence about painting, buy a large poster board or use a piece of cardboard and apply your desired color. Hanging the poster or cardboard on the wall will give you the same illusion and allows you to envision your choice before making the final commitment.


Start with your Accent Color

If you have a piece of furniture or other decorative pieces that you are planning your design around, begin by placing those in the room. Envisioning your inspiration helps to make the color choosing process easier. Knowing what you want your design to be built around will help you to pick a color. Many paint suppliers have color matching capability. If you choose to do an accent wall with your furniture or decorative color, they will be able to ensure that the color is the same.


Follow your Personal Style

Your home is a representation of your style and who you are as an individual. If you want every room to be lime green go for it. If you want each wall to be a different color, go for it! Keep in mind the colors that you tend to wear for clothing. If you don’t like wearing yellow, then don’t buy yellow furniture or choose yellow as an accent wall color. Matching colors to your lifestyle and personal style ensures that the color will make your home feel unique and personal to you.


Use the Color Wheel

The color wheel is a great tool to use when picking colors for a home interior. Colors next to each other on the color wheel, like blue and green, and proven to be complementary and look appealing when placed next to each other. Rather than choosing a pairing of two colors on the opposite spectrum, keep your choices near to each other to make sure that they will be appealing to the eye.


Picking a color for your home interior is a very personal choice. Keep your options open. You know yourself and your house best, so plan accordingly.

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