Pick and Choose From These 2017 Interior Design Trends


The biggest trend of all right now is individuality. While there are certainly themes we see popping up from year to year (remember all the chevron patterns in 2015?), there is enough variety out there to express yourself while still staying “on-trend.” Of course, Pantone has declared 2017 the year of Greenery but if you’re more partial to the light blue so prevalent a few years ago, go for it! 2017 is the year you can pick and choose from interior design trends.

Industrial Decor

Rustic chic has been the rage for a few years now but the shabby, DIY approach is on its way out. Instead, the warehouse, industrial trend is becoming more prominent as it moves from retail and restaurant spaces into homes. The cost-effective appeal of country chic is not lost in this change, though. Faux materials like laminate floors and faux leather couches are gaining popularity for polished, affordable aesthetics. Think of 2017 as the year of fewer DIY projects and more shortcuts for luxury pieces.

Modern Wallpaper

Extravagant, intricate and even loud wallpapers are all the rage right now to bring instant character to an otherwise drab room. This is a great trend to grab onto for two big reasons:

  1. Wallpaper is neither permanent nor expensive! You can be extra “trendy” and change your mind in six months or a year.
  2. There are so many wallpaper options to choose from. Incorporating flashy wallpaper in your home doesn’t mean your house will look just like everyone else’s. This is the perfect trend for the year of individuality. 

Mismatched Patterns

Embrace the chaos by mixing and matching different patterns to create an aesthetic jungle. This approach can draw the eye to the statement piece of your room whether it’s a wonderfully disorderly comforter or exciting throw pillows. After all, this isn’t 2015 and you don’t have to repeat the same pattern throughout the room for cohesion. If you still need some unifying theme, try matching the different patterns through common color schemes.

This year, feel free to show off your true self and personality, all while staying on trend! The best room in the house is always the one you’re most comfortable in. If you’re ready for a few changes, in design or function, to make your home more your own, give S.E.A. Construction a call!

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