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Petalyn Swart AlbertInbound Marketing, SEO & Content Creation

Petalyn's edge is a life-long association with the custom home building, and design industries. She came on board in June 2010 to help her husband, Steven Albert, grow its on-line personality and public reach. The economic culture at the time was 'change or die'. So, together they created an on-line marketing strategy that represents a more culturally relevant, client driven model for the whole business. SEA now includes a separate exterior siding department, Peninsula Siding Company which Petalyn also works on to determine marketing strategy and demographics.

Since 2010, our increased focused on web strategies, clients surveys, community support, national and regional awards, as well as soft social-media engagement, has clearly become instrumental in making ourselves more available to the public, to our clients and in getting the word out about what we do. Brand recognition has increased exponentially in terms of our reputation for service, what we do to ensure we constantly improve, and why as a result, we have one of the largest growing repeat-client√®le lists among our regional peers.

"Our overriding goal continues to be to improve the way SEA does everything remembering that at every moment, from the first phone-call to the last handshake upon final inspection, we have the responsibility to set a positive lasting impression not just for SEA, but for our entier industry. We strive for the very best experience for our homeowners, maximizing productivity, and fostering collaborative relationships between homeowners, their contractors and designers. We believe it isn't just about an excellent result, which is great, but its about creating happy memories and good stories to go with it." 

Petalyn welcomes you to contact her by email You are the expert on what you want to know, how you want the information and when.

Ms Swart-Albert holds an advanced credential in Internet Marketing and Social Media, as well as two advanced certifications as an executive and life-coach, with an emphasis on personal goals and strategies. 

Some History

Master Certificate in Internet Marketing (University of San Francisco)

  • Integrated Online Strategies
  • Search Engine Marketing and Usability
  • Advanced Interactive Marketing and measurement

Professional Co-Active Coach (PCC credential, Coaches Training Institute)

Organizational and Relationship Systems Consulting AKA O.R.S.C. (Center for Right Relationships)

Member of the International Coaches Federation since 2007

Wilderness First Responder - Certified in 2005

Volunteer experience:

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