Ready for a Fresh Start? Use Pantone's 2017 Color of the Year

Posted by Devon Shryock

At the end of each year, Pantone releases their next Color of the Year. Pantone is the leading color and trending organization in the country. Whatever color they predict will be big in the upcoming year is inevitably seen in department stores, designs, and even in the home. Before 2017 officially begins, get a jump start on the newest top color, Greenery, in your home.

In the kitchen

The freshness of Greenery can spruce up your kitchen in a pinch. It highlights a natural, wooden kitchen and can make a classic room a bit more modern. The rejuvenating color makes for a great accent trim. If you don't want to paint in the kitchen, new Greenery plates could make your dinner fresher.

In the living room

There's something soothing about settling into the living room after a long day to watch tv and be surrounded by soothing natural tones. Due to the subtlety of the tone, Greenery complements a wide variety of color schemes and can be used as an alternate neutral.

In the bedroom

Wake up every morning refreshed. For a soothing morning and night, try a bigger change by painting the closet doors or even the dresser. Greenery can help you sleep sounder and wake up more reinvigorated than ever.

In the bathroom

If there's any room that needs to be constantly fresh, it's the bathroom. A few natural, green plants or succulents can brighten up the room instantly. Matching shower curtain and toiletry pieces in Greenery will revitalize the room and awe any guests in 2017.

Using a new color is always a great way to freshen up the home. However, as with any trend, you might not want to make it a permanent fixture in your house. Instead of repainting your entire house, consider repainting just the front door. Add just enough of Greenery to make you feel comfortable in your home, however much or little you'd like.

If you are looking for more ways to update your home, whether it's a small addition or a complete remodel, give S.E.A. Construction a call. We'll help you build your dream home that's both modern and timeless.

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