New Furniture Trends for Your Toddler's Room

Posted by Devon Shryock

Your young one is growing too big for the nursery and is ready for their first bedroom. But how will you decorate the new toddler’s room? After spending some time scrolling through Pinterest, all of the bedrooms start to look the same and unappealing. Constantly buying new furniture and redecorating will be an emotional and monetary strain. Instead, follow the biggest furniture trends for your toddler's room we’ve been seeing lately and decorate a bedroom that not only fits your toddler today, but they can easily grow up in.

Color scheme

When deciding on a color scheme, choose calm, unisex neutrals instead of bold contrasting colors. It’s not only less abrasive aesthetically, but also creates a more flexible space. Save yourself time and money, by only having to paint once! Gray has become an increasingly popular neutral and pairs well with every color. 

That doesn’t mean your toddler’s room should be completely devoid of color. Calm tones of popular colors can give a timeless look and feel. Instead of a kelly green bedspread, pick out a celery green one. Bypass the traditional pink room and accent with a pretty blush.

If you’re still craving a more drastic pop of color, isolate one piece of furniture to stand-out. That colorful royal blue dresser will have more of an impact if it’s not competing with ten other pieces in the room. Just be careful to not be too matchy-matchy. 

Function first

Furniture is useless if it doesn’t serve its intended purpose. The key to furnishing the perfect toddler’s room and the perfect teen’s room at the same time is finding pieces that can transition with your child. This means forgoing the cute miniature dresser and choosing something a bit larger, that’s still safe around the little one of course. Opting for lightweight yet adult-sized furniture is a great way to serve function and design in your toddler’s room. Lately, we’ve been seeing a rise of poufs replacing more traditional ottomans. They add a youthful feel to the room but are still appropriate for a teenager’s room.


The best tip we could give you for your walls? Forget the wallpaper. It’s messy, it can be a hassle to put up and then difficult to change or remove later. Instead, stick with a neutral paint color and use wall decals instead of wallpaper. Shapes like hearts, triangles and vintage-inspired florals have been popping up everywhere lately. Decals are easily interchangeable, can showcase your child’s ever-changing interests and can be a fun DIY project if you want!

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