Making Your Home Inviting in 4 Simple Steps

Posted by Devon Shryock

Thanksgiving will be here in just a couple of weeks so you may find yourself needing to entertain guests in your home. With the following tips, you will be able to make your home feel more inviting for your holiday guests.

Warm Scents

Having lit candles with warm scents tend to make people feel more relaxed and when people feel relaxed, your home will feel more inviting. Some of our favorite scents are lavender, green tea, and spices. Some candles that you might want to avoid would be ones with overpowering scents. This includes scents such as cinnamon bun, cake frosting, and bubblegum.

Keep It Well Lit

One of the easiest ways to make your house more inviting is by turning on the lights. Start with the entrance to your house and make sure the walkway is well lit so that your guests can see where they are going. Solar-powered lights are an excellent way to keep your walkway illuminated. From there, make sure the rest of your house is well lit by turning on all the lights and replacing light bulbs as necessary. You should also keep your curtains open during the day and closed during the night.

Having small snacks out with make your home feel more inviting to your guests


People like to eat, so it’s a good idea to have some small snacks out for them to nibble on. You don’t have to put out a full buffet, but having some light snacks that don’t need to be refrigerated is a nice way to show your guests that you care about them.

Light music is relaxing and helps guests feel welcomed in your home


If you have ever walked into a small store where no music is playing, you probably felt uneasy or like you were being watched. You don’t want your guests to feel like this, so put on some easy listening music to keep things lively. An important thing to remember is to make sure the volume isn’t too loud or too quiet. You should be able to hear the music, but you shouldn’t have to raise your voice when talking to other people.


Using these tips, your home is sure to be a welcoming space where all of your guests feel at home. For more design information, check out our other blogs.

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