Making a Great Impression with Entryways

Posted by Devon Shryock

Will Rogers once said “You will never get a second chance to make a first impression.” This simple statement is true when it comes to every type of appearance, whether it be one’s manners, one’s clothing, or one’s home.

A swift way to make a great impression with your home, rain or shine, is from the entryway. This is the first place a person sees as soon as they step out of their car to visit. It’s also the spot from which an individual can really express his or her personality.

We have compiled ten entryways with specific details and characteristics that may inspire you as you consider your remodeling options:

The bright door. We have all seen homes with a door in an attention-grabbing red, sunny yellow, or calming green. These doors don’t always match anything else about the home exterior, but that doesn’t matter. The entrance to that home seems welcoming, like it’s drawing you in and daring you to turn the handle.

Unique architecture. Your home may be unique in itself, but your entryway can set off that uniqueness with distinctive architecture.

Plenty of lighting. No matter the time of year, a home needs plenty of lighting leading up to it and brightening its walkways in order to make it feel open and welcoming. Outdoor lighting has the added benefit of contributing to the safety of anyone coming in and reduces tripping hazards.

Exposed interior. We don’t all want to live in glass houses, but what about glass entrances? Not only do bright, window-inspired entryways let in plenty of light and create a gorgeous interior, they allow guests to see your open, bright lifestyle.

Open layout. The general open and welcoming layout of your home can contribute to the impression that the space itself welcomes guests and family home. There is something incredibly inviting about a home which is laid out in a way that appears to be embracing newcomers.

Clean and clear walkways. Whether you want to be welcoming or you like some privacy, walkways that are well-lit and well defined give a wonderful first impression.

A comfy patio. We have all seen homes with lovely wrap around patios or even small decks upon which a homeowner and his or her guests can sit, chat, and perhaps sip some tea. A simple patio shows that a homeowner welcomes guests and neighbors alike.

Use of accent materials. Materials like metal, stone, stucco, or siding can all be used to change the look of the entryway and make it distinct from the rest of your home.

Focusing in on the details. Small details make a big difference in your home’s interior - they also make a huge difference on the exterior. Changing the lighting fixtures, a door handle, or the type of door used can change a drab entryway into a bright and cheerful one.

Accenting with landscaping. No matter how grand your entrance, you can always change its look with plants, stone, wood chips, and more.

Your entryway welcomes you home every day. Be sure to create a space that makes you feel happy every time you cross your threshold.

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