Make the Most Out of Smaller Rooms in Your Home

Posted by Devon Shryock

Tiny houses are all the rage lately. Even those who don't want to live in a tiny house are getting more accustomed to small living spaces as housing prices continue to rise in the city. Living in a small space doesn't have to feel cramped, though! We've talked about making the most out of a small bathroom before. Here's how to create smaller rooms full of light and life in the rest of your home:

Furnish well

Furnishing a small room may seem tricky but it doesn't have to be! Strategically placing the right pieces in the right spot can accentuate the warmth and intimacy of a small room. Or, it can make the space seem larger than it is and accommodate more people than you'd think. Remember you don't have to default to smaller furniture just because you have a smaller room.

  • Consider bench seating or a sectional couch if you entertain a lot.
  • Create a triangle in the middle of your room with a coffee table, a sofa and a chair.
  • Find pieces that can multi-task for you. Smaller bookshelves can also serve as end tables and many bed frames utilize under-bed drawers. This helps minimize overcrowding of essential items.

To the Windows and the Walls

One of the great benefits of smaller rooms is the fun you can have with light. The more light you can get into the space, the bigger it will seem.

  • Don't keep your curtains in the window frame. Place the curtain rods above the frame and extend them beyond on each side. This draws the eye up and out and allows more light into the room, opening it up.
  • Use mirrors as decorations. Light bounces off o them, creating an optical illusion of more space. They also reflect the rest of the room, of course. Depending on the size and placement of the mirror, this can make the room look twice as big.
  • Paint the walls a light color. You may be noticing a pattern here, light creates space.

Use the space well

Your room may be small but you can still put the space to good use. Maximizing your space takes some thought and planning. It can be extremely rewarding to create the perfect room.

  • Think up. Though there's not a lot of floor space available, you can utilize the room's vertical space. Tall bookcases, interesting paintings and long cabinets attached to the ceiling all help you save space and draw the eye up.
  • Develop an organizational system that you can stick to. Any clutter in a small space only shrinks the room. Find ways to incorporate creative storage in your furniture.
  • Restructure or remodel the room to function better for you. If the counters in your kitchen don't allow for efficient movement, build new ones. Remember, you want to maintain a triangle in your kitchen between the sink, stove and refrigerator.

Sometimes, cozier can be better. Just remember not to let the size of a room limit your imagination! If you're looking for some design help, or want to build a new room of any size, give SEA Construction a call today!

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