Make Staying at Home During a Remodel a Reality

Posted by Devon Shryock

The scope of the remodel will determine what you can, and cannot, do. A good rule of thumb to follow is if less than half of your home interior is being remodeled, staying at home throughout the remodel is a viable option. If your roof is coming off, you should probably find a nice place to temporarily relocate.

Agree on work times prior to starting construction.

Starting a remodel doesn't need to be stressful. Talk with your contractor upfront and make sure everyone is on the same page. Setting a routine the workers follow from day one creates consistency and helps your family easily adjust to the new normal. It also opens up good communication lines with the contractor which will be essential to the remodeling process.

Separate the living areas from the construction.

Do you have kids or pets? Creating barriers is important to keep them safe and to reduce any distractions for the workers. More distractions mean the work takes longer to finish, which means you end up paying more. Setting “out of bounds” areas is the key to harmony during the remodel.

Furthermore, it’s important to stay comfortable when staying at home during a remodel. You want to feel like you’ve maintained some sense of normalcy that you couldn’t otherwise get staying at a hotel. Defined living areas help achieve that.

Create a temporary kitchen.

Even if your kitchen is the only area being remodeled, it can take a severe toll on your everyday routine. It’s crucial to prepare in advance to eat elsewhere. In your new designated living areas, set up a hot plate, a toaster, a microwave and a mini fridge as a bare minimum. If you can keep a freezer running, make as many meals as you can prior to the start of construction. If your remodel is during the summer, grill as much as you can! You don’t want to be spending extra money by going out to eat every day.

Prepare for the dust.

There’s no way around it, there will be dust. But don’t stress the mess. Pack anything you won’t be using in vacuum sealed packages before the remodel starts so it won’t be touched by the dust. Talk to the contractor before the project and insist on hanging plastic sheets and daily cleanups from the crew.

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