Keep Your Home Safe with Tree Pruning


Homeowners often know the importance of pruning things like rose bushes and fruit trees, but it’s just as important to prune decorative and elderly trees. Without proper pruning, older trees can become destructive to your home and property.  Without proper pruning, your tree may become an insurance concern to your home. There are many reasons you should prune your trees including safety, aesthetics, and the health of each tree.


When high winds come into town, you’ll want to make sure your trees are properly pruned to deal with the force of the wind. Pruning the branches of a large tree allows wind to pass through them more freely and reduces the risk of falling branches or even the trees themselves. If a tree branch has become long enough to land on your home or property if it were to be knocked off in a wind storm, it may be time to consider pruning.


In addition to being safer, trimming your trees will also make them look better. When trees go untrimmed, portions of the tree cannot get the necessary nutrients to survive. This can result in dead patches and limbs. Pruning your trees also gives the benefit of shaping them to your taste and style.

Health of the Trees

As mentioned above, pruning back some branches from your trees can help them be healthier. If branches aren’t pruned that can begin to droop and even break off. You’ll also need to trim branches that come up at the base of the tree. Pay attention to any branches that could be rubbing against one another or create a problem for your tree’s growth. As a tree matures it generally needs less pruning to remain healthy.

When deciding which branches need to be pruned, always make sure to be safe and call a professional for troublesome branches. For more home tips, continue following the SEA Construction blog or follow us on Facebook and Twitter.

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