Keep Your Home Pet-Friendly

Posted by Devon Shryock

There's  a reason we all refer to our pets as our kids - they're part of the family! However, just like you have to kid-proof every room in your house, it's important to keep your home pet-friendly. This protects your furry friends as well as your belongings. Here are our top tips to keeping your home pet-friendly and safe for everyone with two legs and four:

  • Skip the carpeting. It absorbs odor, hair, dirt, you name it! Furthermore, your cat or dog's claws can get stuck easily in the individual loops. This causes damage to the carpet and can hurt your pet. Your safest bets for flooring are tile, hardwood (though, be careful if you have a large dog) and painted concrete.
  • Decorate with paintings or other hangings. Small knickknacks that sit on your coffee table can be easily knocked over by a wagging tail or adventurous pet. By decorating the walls instead of the counters, you'll save yourself a lot of heartbreak and maintain a safer environment.
  • Match your furniture to your cat or dog. If you're in the market for a new couch or are reupholstering, bring a photo of your furry friend along. After all, you cat's balck fur won't stand out as much on a black chair as it would on a white one! This doesn't mean you should let the fur become the couch. Be kind  to any visitors and lint roll the sitting areas!
  • Reserve a special spot for all pet-related storage. Putting everything in one place, like the mudroom, will save you from having to run all over the house looking for the dog's leash. It also becomes your go-to space for extra food and supplies.
  • Let's face it, pets are messy. There's really no way to sugar coat it, but we love them anyway! We have a great secret to prevent any permanent damage to your painted interior walls: semi-gloss paint. It's the easiest to clean without leaving any marks behind.
  • Speaking of easy cleaning, make sure all of your fabrics are washable. This goes for any comforters, slipcovers or pillowcases in your home.

Your dogs and cats are part of your family, so make sure they're comfortable without causing any damage to your home's interior. Keeping your home pet-friendly keeps every creature, four-legged or two, safe.

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