Keep Them Busy This Summer with Household Chores for Kids


We’ve reached the halfway point of the summer. The kids are getting restless and you’re probably running out of ways to keep them occupied every day. With the welcome absence of homework, you can still help teach responsibility in between days of camp and swim lessons. Giving your kids regular household chores not only keeps them busy, it gives them a sense of purpose and can even help them earn their first dollar. When you’re assigned household chores for kids, keep these tips in mind:

There Are Chores For Every Age

Of course, it’s important to remember to assign age-appropriate chores to your kids. Having your toddler wash the dishes is probably a bad idea. But that doesn’t mean a three-year-old can’t help out around the house. Giving your youngest children little responsibilities early on can help instill a sense of self. Start out with small things like putting away their toys after they’re done playing and putting dirty clothes in a designated hamper. As your kids get older, add more chores like making their bed and putting clean laundry away.

Give Positive Reinforcement!

Chores don’t always seem fun - to kids or adults. That’s why it’s incredibly important to be encouraging while your kids are cleaning. Make it seem like a fun activity, instead of a heavy burden. Notice when they put in effort on a new task or remember their chore on their own. They’ll appreciate positive reinforcement every time and will be more excited for further responsibilities in the future.

Remember: Your Home Won’t Be Spotless

Chances are your kids aren’t professional cleaners and that’s ok! Don’t expect your home to be spotless but it will be cleaner. And your kids will be learning to be more responsible. That’s what we like to call a win-win!


Assigning summer chores is a great way to keep your kids busy out of school, teach them responsibility and keep your house picked up! For more home and decorating tips, follow S.E.A. Construction on Facebook!


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