Just a Ballpark Estimate, Please!

Posted by Devon Shryock

We get this a lot for both exterior siding and remodeling projects. What folks are really asking is, "How can I figure out what I need to spend without disclosing my budget?" It's an I don't want to show you mine till you show me yours situation.

Here's the brain-twister about ballpark estimates: What sustaining information does one gain from a ballpark estimate when an estimate, like an actual ballpark, is 360˚ and bursting with variables?

Using the ballpark metaphor, it's a given that you need to know your talent, your resources and your goal. You've got to have a strategy and a realistic assessment of what you're up against in terms of the ballpark, environment, the challenges/obstacles, and ultimately your long view -confidence in your decision.

Unless you're OK gambling with your money or the final outcome, then the 5 answers you need to drill for are: click HERE to continue reading.

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